Volume XI. Mar-April 2014
From the Editor: Volume XI. March – April 2014
Getting There: “the road weeps…” Takes Shape (Tampa, FL)
Diversity, Risky Plays and Mentorship: A Conversation with José Luis Valenzuela (Los Angeles, CA)
Winds of Change: “the road weeps, the well runs dry” Continues to Affect Change in Alaska (Juneau, AK)
Looking Back, Looking Foward: Pillsbury House Theatre Assesses its Journey with Lark and “the road weeps…” (Minneapolis, MN)
Volume X. Dec-Feb 2014
From the Editor: Volume X. Dec – Feb 2014
Getting Closer Every Day (Tampa, FL)
M. Gene’s Own Brand of Feminism as Portrayed by Nakia Secrest (Los Angeles, CA)
Taking Stock with Marcus Gardley (Minneapolis, MN)
Widening our Welcome, Progress on Perseverance Outreach (Juneau, AK)
Volume VIII. August-September 2013
From the Editor: Volume VIII. August – September 2013, On the Road Again
A Community Full of Storytellers (Tampa, FL)
Unraveling The History in the Performance (Los Angeles, CA)
Dialogue at Pillsbury House: Migration Explored Through the History of Seminole Creeks and African Americans (Minneapolis, MN)
Shifting Values, Shifting Practice (Juneau, AK)
Volume VII. May-July 2013
From the Editor: Volume VII. May – July 2013, On the Road… First Production
Discovering The Road – Personally and Communally: An Interview with Director, Shirley Jo Finney (Los Angeles, CA)
Director Fanni Green Engages the Community In and Around USF (Tampa, FL)
Director Marion McClinton Helps Shepherd in New Wave of Black Voices in American Theater (Minneapolis, MN)
Discovering the “road weeps” (Juneau, AK)
Volume VI. Jan-April 2013
A History Lesson Facilitated by Art (Los Angeles, CA)
From the Editor: VOLUME VI
Building a Community of Partners and More (Tampa, FL)
Plans for Fall 2013 Production Underway (Minneapolis, MN)
Local Actors Explore the Language & Relationships of The Road Weeps (Juneau, AK)
Volume V. July-August 2012
From the Editor: VOLUME V
Educational Efforts Bring Us Together (Los Angeles, CA)
Faye Price on Preparation For the Play (Minneapolis, MN)
Preparation (Juneau, AK)
​Black Indian Slave Narratives (Tampa, FL)
Volume IX. Oct-Nov 2013
From the Editor: Volume IX. October – November 2013
One Semester Away! (Tampa, FL)
The Casting of a Play: Reflecting Community Diversity on Stage for the Audience (Los Angeles, CA)
Twin Cities Not Done with the road weeps… (Minneapolis, MN)
Treasures Abound (Juneau, AK)
Volume IV. May-June 2012
From the Editor: VOLUME IV
The Artists Speak, Each Story Opens Hearts (Juneau, AK)
Critical Education is Key to Exploring American Indian-Black Relationships in Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN)
T-t-talkin’ ‘bout Migration (Los Angeles, CA)
The Road Weeps Goes to College (Tampa, FL)
Volume III. Mar-April 2012
From the Editor: VOLUME III
How long must The Road Weep for us in The Twin Cities? (Minneapolis, MN)
The Land Marks Festival welcomes The Road Weeps (Juneau, AK)
A New Director (Los Angeles, CA)
Volume II. Jan-Feb 2012
From the Editor: VOLUME II
September Really Isn’t
That Far Away
(Los Angeles, CA)
A Collective History (Tampa, FL)
In Marcus’s Words,
The Road Weeps…
(Minneapolis, MN)
An interview with
Perseverance Theatre’s
Artistic and Education Directors
(Juneau, AK)
Volume I. Nov-Dec 2011
From the Editor: VOLUME I
Making Connections: The Director, The Guide, The Storyteller (Tampa, FL)
An Exciting Challenge for Pillsbury House (Minneapolis, MN)
A Journey of A Thousand Miles…Begins With A Single Step (Los Angeles, CA)
Cultural Engagement and the Racial Divide (Juneau, AK)