From the Editor: Volume VI. Jan-April 2013

by Donna Walker Kuhne

Welcome to our second year of the Road Weeps Bulletin! I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your continued interest and to say hello to our new readers.

Our first bulletin of 2013 has several exciting articles. Last year, we documented the process each consortium partner developed to engage their respective communities for the production of Marcus Gardley’s the road weeps..the well runs dry. Our Road Weep Bulletin Storytellers will share in this issue the pre-production efforts for this community engagement production which are falling into place across the country as each venue prepares for discovery, discussions and participation.

The first full production is fast approaching in May at Perseverance Theatre in Juneau, Alaska. Two of the cast members share their experiences preparing for the complex characters that Marcus has drawn including their own personal journey of personal identity.

Pillsbury House in Minneapolis is gearing up for their fall production with several community events and collaborations with the local African American and Native American cultural leadership. The excitement is palpable as Faye Price, Co-Artistic Producing Director promises, “it will be provocative for all audiences”.

Los Angeles based Latino Theater Company participated in a live streaming of the play’ prologues. While the streaming was produced on University of South Florida’s campus, Consortium partners were invited to view the reading. In Los Angeles, it galvanized not only the creative team but also members from various Indian tribes who live in the area who came out to support the reading. The impact of this participation demonstrates that issues of identity are important to many layers of our society. This play which connects African American and Native American history and culture takes place on stage and has a dramatic effect within these communities off stage as well. Engaging these diverse voices is a commitment each of the Consortium partners have passionately made.

Our academic consortium partner, University of South Florida has created a USF’road weeps page which provides information about their production and their approach to informing their community about issues from the play.

Listen to the interview (starts at 34 minutes).

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